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Greenstream Flooring CIC provides a Site Collection Service  (resource capture solution) for used carpet tiles across the UK.  We work with facilities management companies, manufacturer, strip-out companies and end users to deliver a  unique waste management solution from site.  Using the principles of a Closed Loop System, only our system guarantees the  use of the waste hierarchy, ie re-use before recycling and for local  social benefit.

How Does It Work ?

We collect or take delivery of carpet tiles from across the UK using national pallet-haulage companies and work around your site-timings and logistics . We take material  from a variety of sites, from large offices,call centres to government building, universities to small offices and retail units.  We guarantee that none of the carpet tiles we receive will go to landfill –  all are  reused/ recycled for community benefit via our national network of community based charities/ social enterprises.

We  provide full  certification of the savings from landfill and the social impact of our service once the job is complete.

Do we take All carpet TIles?

We take Bitumen, cushion and PVC backed carpet tiles regardless of condition. We ask that  whole tiles   are stacked on pallets ( four piles per pallet)  and shrunk wrapped with off-cuts put into builders sacks on pallets, all must be stored dry pre ourcollection/s.   Each pallet should be stack no more than 1.2m high, this is usually 100 – 120m2 of carpet tiles.

What Is The Cost?

We don’t cost the earth!,  i.e we never landfill and only use recycling if material is too poor for social re-use.   An average carpet tile weighs 1.2kg /, i.e 1/2 tonne per average 100m2 . A Carpet tiles is a  heavy dense  material full of glues and binding materials  that takes up lots of  room  and weight in a skip. Our system aims to beat the cost of skips & landfill  and provide you/your customer with a unique set of CSR/environmental and social outputs. 

If you would like to know more about our Take Back services please contact our offices.

0845 5193682/ [email protected]

Unloading Carpet Tiles

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