Case Study – Swansea Civic Centre –

Case Study – Swansea Civic Centre

Total Flooring


Type of Flooring

Reused Carpet Tiles 530m2

New Carpet Tiles 683m2


Swansea, Wales


March – August 2017

Key Facts

43% of the flooring fitted were reused carpet tiles supplied by Greenstream Flooring CIC



In 2017 Swansea council made the decision to transform their working space in their main Civic Centre office to one that promoted better working together and helped the council decrease the amount of space it needed to deliver its’ services.

Rebecca Jones Facilities Manager at Swansea Council was also keen to find the most economically, socially and environmentally solutions possible and initially contacted local social business Ministry Of Furniture to see is they would be able to re-use their existing furniture.
The conversation progressed into being one resulting in the council being able to re-use most of their existing office furniture either via upcycling (refurbishment and renewal techniques) or via local re-use to the community.

Greenstream Flooring was able to work with the new office design lay-out and offer re-used and new commercial carpet to fit into the new modern open plan/ agile style of the office, complementing colours and design yet still offering best social, environmental and economic


The use of 530m2 re-used tile, 43 % of the total floorspace, has substantially reduced the carbon output by 10.2 tonnes compared to if only new carpet tiles were used.
In addition, the use of 530m2 of re-used carpet has also reduced waste-to- landfill/ incineration by 33 tonnes.


Supported the supply of free flooring to households within Rhondda Cynon Taff and contributed towards the sustainable training and employment of our flooring fitters.


The value of a re-used tile that Greenstream has rescued for re-use in far greater than purely it’s economic value. However the ‘value for money’ is an important factor and this project has benefited from the fact that extending the life-cycle of an existing material is always less costly than making it from scratch and not just for the obvious reasons it uses no additional raw material or resource to
make it.

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