Case Study – Promo Cymru –

Case Study – Promo Cymru

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Re-used Carpet Tiles

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Cardiff Bay, Wales


June 2017


Key Facts


Promo Cymru has been delivering innovate digital projects for over thirty years and has been located in the old part of Cardiff Bay for over two decades. For the last two years staff have been split between two sites in the bay and therefore were seeking a move that would allow
them to work together in a fit-for- purpose modern office yet still within the old part old Cardiff Bay.
Promo Cymru set about planning and implementing a total refurbishment of the building that would allow them for the staff and partner co-
operation and collaboration that they had missed by having a two site set-up. They also wanted to create a space that would exemplar best value and lowest environmental impact.
Using their existing furniture and a social enterprise to support the new flooring element of their refurbishment they were able to maintain the vision of their project on time and within budget.  Grade A quality re-used carpet tiles were laid throughout with a random new Paragon
Strobe carpet tile inlay throughout the building with a small amount of safety vinyl being used for the kitchen and toilet areas.


The use of 455m2 re-used tile, 78 % of the total floor space, has substantially reduced the carbon output by 10.2 tonnes compared to if only new carpet tiles were used.
In addition, the use of 455m2 of re-used carpet has also reduced waste-to- landfill/ incineration by 3 tonnes.


By using Greenstream Flooring Promo Cymru will have directly supported 26 low-income households to get free carpet (455m2) via Greenstream Flooring’s Carpets4Carpets scheme.


The value of a re-used tile that Greenstream has rescued for re-use in far greater than purely it’s economic value. However the ‘value for money’ is an important factor and this project has benefited from the fact that extending the life-cycle of an existing material is always less costly than making it from scratch and not just for the obvious reasons it uses no additional raw material or resource to make it.


We actively chose Greenstream to do our flooring because we knew that they would provide
the sustainable/green options we want, their social outputs totally align with our values and
most importantly they could provide us with the flooring we want for our new offices.
John Mkkennen, Promo Wales Finance Director

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