Milliken Nordic Stories Tectonic Polar Night

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Our travels have taken us to extreme environments: the surreal contrasts of Iceland, a country powered by nature and made up of sulphurous plains, salt terraces and geothermal pools. This is geological drama at its best, a place where isolation and dark winters create the backdrop to a unique breed of creativity. In contrast the gentle landscape of Denmark. A country peppered with archipelagos and lush forests and home of 21st Century design, where form and function meet utopian ideology. Nordic Stories is inspired by the textural landscape, geological extremes, folklore and modern culture of the Northern Hemisphere. Muted natural tones, black volcanic rock, deep blue lakes, rich golden moss, graphic landforms and bold architecture. This Collection represents the sensory experience that is the Nordics, a series of diverse countries with distinct identities that have collectively helped to define contemporary design culture

These are grade carpet tiles and have been reclaimed from commercial premises.  All reused carpet tiles are sorted by hand at our warehouse and graded according to condition.  Grade B are in good condition and will show some signs of wear such as fading. 

Carpet tiles are easy to fit and we send out a fitting guide with every order.



Tile Size

50cm x 50cm


Tufted, Textured Loop


100% Solution Dyed Nylon

Total Thickness

8.4 mm

ECS Grading

Level 4 (Certificate NO. 20016)


WellBAC™ Comfort (PVC-Free) (non-reactive cushion backing)