Interface Urban Retreat Flax

  • £39.99
£ per box (including VAT and delivery)


£9.59 per m2

Each box of Interface Urban Retreat Flax 16 carpet tiles, will cover 4m2.

There’s a growing global community moving to the cities to live, work, and play because being connected goes beyond the latest technology to real proximity to the people and energy at the center. And with the move, a new aesthetic emerges for an urban future that is technologically versatile, environmentally responsible, and includes nature as the source and reminder of true inspiration. Urban Retreat is a collection of nine styles sorted into pattern studies that range from refined textures to broad organic forms— all offered in a complementary color palette. Urban Retreat explores where concrete gives way to grass and looks at the deeply carved character of an old-growth tree set against the architecture of a manmade grid. Sparks fly when such disparate ideas sit side by side and Urban Retreat ignites

These are NEW carpet tiles.

Carpet tiles are easy to fit and we send out a fitting guide with every order.



Tile Size

50cm x 50cm

Pile Type

 Tufted Tip Sheared Loop





Tile Thickness