Interface Sashiko Grey

  • £30.00
£ per box (including VAT and delivery)


£7.99 per m2

Each box of Interface Sashiko Grey contains 20 carpet tiles, this will cover 5m2.

The Embodied Beauty™ collection is designed to help restore the health of the planet and lower the carbon footprint of your space with style. The collection features a range of beautiful carpet tile designs, including our first-ever carbon-negative products in three unique styles: Shishu Stitch, Tokyo Texture, and Zen Stitch. These pioneering products are created with a combination of our new CQuest™BioX backing, specialty yarns, and tufting processes and are designed to create a carpet tile that stores more carbon than any before — helping you reduce the carbon footprint of your space by reducing the amount of carbon in the atmosphere. The collection is inspired by the Japanese aesthetics of minimalism, restoration, and the organic beauty of the natural world. In addition to our three carbon-negative products. The Embodied Beauty collection lives up to its name and shows that beautiful design and sustainability are inseparable. In addition to the three cradle-to-gate carbon-negative styles. All of the styles that are featured within the collection are carbon neutral across their full product life cycle

These are Grade B carpet tiles and have been reclaimed from commercial premises.  All reused carpet tiles are sorted by hand at our warehouse and graded according to condition.  Grade B will show some signs of wear.

Carpet tiles are easy to fit and we send out a fitting guide with every order.




Tile Size

50cm x 50cm


Tufted Patterned Structured Loop Pile


100% Solution Dyed Nylon, contains recycled content

Total Thickness

6.4 mm

Pile Height

3.1 mm