Interface CT101 Onyx

  • £26.99


Interface CT101 Onyx

£5.39 per m2

Each box of Interface CT101 Onyx grade C contains 20 carpet tiles, this will cover 5m2.

These amazing “dot and dash”  pattern tiles are ideal for experimenting with patterns, multiple pattern options with a turn of a tile. Combine this colour with another of our CT101 options and create an amazing dot and dash checkerboard / random effect flooring. 

These are grade C carpet tiles and have been reclaimed from commercial premises.  All reused carpet tiles are sorted by hand at our warehouse and graded according to condition.  Grade C will show signs of wear.

Carpet tiles are easy to fit and we send out a fitting guide with every order.



Tile Size

50cm x 50cm

Construction Tufted Textured Loop



Heavy Pattern

Backing GlasBac®


Tile Thickness 6mm