Our Grading

Wondering how we grade our carpet tiles?  We have put together a little more information to help you understand the differences.

Grade A 

These tiles look brand new but are reused. They have virtually no sign of wear, marks, indents and/or fading.  The pile is robust there are no corners turned or edges frayed.  We describe Grade A tiles as new or nearly new looking.

Grade B

Reused tiles that show some smaller signs of wear that could include; light fading and/or small marks. The pile might be slightly flattened.  You will be able to tell a Grade B is lightly used but the general condition is good.

Grade C

Reused tiles that show medium to heavy marking and will have flattened pile and/or some colour variation due to fading.  Grade C tiles are full tiles and its actual composition remains unaffected but it will be obvious it is a reused carpet tile.  If used in a domestic setting we do advise that, if possible, these tiles will be improved with a deep-clean once in place.

Grade D

Reused tiles that show very obvious signs of wear and tear in terms of heavy marking, flattened pile and substantial fading.  Some of the tiles may include cuts where previously fitted around office fittings. These tiles, in our opinion, are suitable for reuse but require deep-cleaning if used in anything other than an industrial or outdoor setting.



If you have any questions, please contact a member of the Greenstream team.