Measuring Guide

You don't know how much flooring is going to cost until you know how much you need.  

Measuring your room is the first step in choosing flooring and helps you to make the most of your budget.
It may sound daunting but it's simple really.

To get started you will need a tape measure, and a pen or pencil and paper to note down the measurements.  You may even find it easier to draw out your room before you start.

So you have drawn a basic floor plan, now measure the widest part of your room length ways and make a note of it.  Then measure the widest part of your room width ways and make a note of this.

For example length = 3.9m and width 3.1m.
Then just multiply the two together 3.9x3.1=12.1m2
This is shown in room A below.

Have an L - shaped room?  No problem just measure it in two parts and add the two together as shown with room B and C below.
This method works for all shape rooms, just divide it up into rectangles and add them all together.  Finally multiply your final figure by 1.05 this adds on an extra 5% for all those cuts.  The final figure will be the m2 you require so just multiply this by the price per m2.

Remember this doesn't include any underlay or extras and some patterns may require more to ensure a correct match.  Greenstream Flooring can advise you about this.
'What about doors?'
We recommend you measure to the 'back' of the door frame, this allows for enough flooring to be fitted under the door threshold, thereby avoiding any gaps.
'What about bay windows and recesses?'
Measure these areas separately and add them onto the total, this makes sure you have enough flooring for these spaces.
'What about stairs?'
Stairs can be tricky we recommend getting stairs measured by a carpet professional.  If you would like help with stairs give a member of the Greenstream team a call.

You can download a pdf version of this guide here, Greenstream Measuring Guide.