Frequently Asked Questions

About Us

Greenstream Flooring CIC is a social enterprise, we maximise community benefit from the sales and reuse of flooring.  Every purchase helps us to make a difference.

Where do the reused carpet tiles come from?

Our reused carpet tiles are reclaimed from commercial premises such as offices, banks and government buildings

What sort of condition are they?

All reused carpet tiles have been sorted by hand and grading according to condition.  You can find out more about the grade of each tile on the product listing.  We grade from A to D with A being nearly new and D showing obvious signs of wear including shading and marks.  When you receive your reused tiles we recommend a good vacuum and possibly some spot cleaning.

How do I fit them?

For more information on how to fit carpet tiles we have put together more information on our fitting page, or you can contact us for a factsheet.