Fitting Guide

The great thing about carpet tiles is you can fit them yourself, you just need a few basic tools.

Before you start prepare your room, clearing out any debris and dirt and filling in any holes there may be in the floor.

We recommend that you leave the carpet tiles in the room for 24 hours to adjust to the temperature this helps to prevent the carpet tiles shrinking or expanding due to a change in temperature which could result in gaps.

Carpet tiles will usually have arrows on the back so you know which direction to fit them but you can turn them and create different designs.

Always start in the middle of your room rather than against a wall as walls are not always straight.  Create a cross with your tiles and then fill in the gaps.

You don't need to use adhesive if you fit the tiles tightly but you can if you wish, a member of the Greenstream Team can help with your options, so just get in touch.

Below is a brief step by step guide, you can also download a fitting guide here.

There are also lots of really helpful videos on youtube, here are a few of our favourites. . .

How to install carpet tiles

How to apply carpet tiles

How to fit carpet tiles the easy way

If you need any more help or advice please get in touch.