About Us

Greenstream Flooring CIC is a social enterprise with a mission to maximise community benefit from the reuse and sales of flooring in the UK. 

Established in 2008 in response to the number of carpet tiles being wasted and sent to landfill, we recognise the life left in carpet tiles as well as the carbon saved.

Carpet tiles are a complex material made with nylon and designed to last for 20 years or more. 

Reuse was recognised as an opportunity for this material, enabling a more sustainable option when people and organisations were looking for flooring.

Our purpose is written into our legal structure and sustainability is core to all the products and services we offer. We present all our customers a reuse option for flooring with our other products, having specifications available which detail their environmental impact.  

We advise customers how they can reuse and recycle their own flooring before purchasing reused and/or new from us.  Our offer to our domestic customers demonstrates that sustainable choices can be made across their homes and can include flooring.

There are five main areas to the business:

  • We provide a zero-waste management service by diverting commercial carpet tiles which are supplied from offices, banks and commercial premises from landfill for reuse. These carpet tiles still have plenty of life left in them and are cleaned and then graded
  • We sell the reused carpet tiles, graded A to D to tenants, home owners, community organisations, businesses and the public sector throughout the UK
  • The carpet tiles are also provided at low cost or free to people in need of flooring via our relationships with housing associations and community donation days, which we hold each month
  • We provide sustainable employability and training programmes to gain experience relevant to the local workplace.

Any material not suitable for reuse is repurposed. None of our carpet tiles that are sent to us for reuse are sent to landfill.



We work with several organisations such as Interface and Ministry of Furniture to 

  • Takeback tiles removed from premises
  • Design and fit both reused and new carpet tiles, where reuse is not an option, using our own fitters.

If you are a commercial organisation, either looking to us to take reused tiles from you, or you would like to discuss a reduced carbon flooring option for your latest fit-out, please contact us.


We offer several options for domestic users:

  • Our affordable flooring programme offers social housing tenants’ access to free and low-cost flooring.  Respondents to the Floored Report reported that 80% of social housing providers do not fit flooring or carpet to new lets as standard practice.  So, the awful truth is that the majority of new tenants will move into properties with bare floors
  • Our Community Donation Days offer free carpet to local people who can visit our warehouse to collect the tiles as well as local community organisations who perhaps do not have funds to purchase flooring.


We have won numerous awards over the years from winning the CRUK Reuse Member of the Year five times to the 2021 NatWest SW100 Top 100 social enterprises index and many more.