Wellbeing Workshop held for the Greenstream Team

As part of our dedication to supporting our employees, the aspect of wellbeing is an important feature for us here at Greenstream Flooring CIC, especially given the current climate. At our team meeting on 17 February, we welcomed Jenny Duckworth from Jam HR, who ran a Wellbeing Talk for the whole team.

The workshop Jenny ran for us focused on identifying what mental health is, how we can support our employees at work, spotting the signs in our colleagues.

We talked about workplace support and the importance of checking in on people.  We also shared some of the things we are currently finding challenging and a few ways we cope with them. 

Jenny identified five ways to wellbeing:

➡️ Give

➡️ Connect

➡️ Be active

➡️ Take notice

➡️ Keep learning.

We also talked about routine, trying out new things whether that is learning something new or completing a puzzle, and the things that we can control day to day. 

At the end of the session, we did a one-minute breathing exercise, and the feedback was that just taking that one minute was space to calm down and only think of our breath, a really easy and simple technique that can be done at any time.

We ended on a message to be kind to yourself and be kind to others.

Jenny said of the event: “It was a real delight for me to be invited by Greenstream Flooring CIC to speak at their team meeting. The topic of wellbeing is close to my heart. Never more so than during this time of the pandemic do we all need to take care of ourselves. From here, we can care for others. It was a pleasure to have the chance to share the background to mental health and provide some tools and techniques, such as breathing and the five ways of wellbeing for the team to use as coping strategies.”

Becky Lythgoe Director said: “It was  an insightful and informative talk from Jenny on what mental health is and how it can influence our working lives.  The talk not only gave us an awareness of what influences our health and wellbeing, but also some great techniques to use, including a short but useful breathing exercise.”


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