Meet the Team - Paul Ivins

We are highlighting members of our team over the next few months as we could not do what we do at Greenstream without the commitment from all our staff.

We support employability and provide work opportunities for local people by creating prospects through sustainable employment and we are proud of the work our team do and how they develop over time with us. 

This month we ask Paul Ivins, who works in our warehouse, to answer our 10 questions about working at Greenstream.

1. Why did you choose to apply for a job with Greenstream?

I started by volunteering at Greenstream Flooring in the warehouse sorting carpet tiles and getting them ready for sale, after being out of work for a period of time. A job came up in the warehouse and I applied.

2. You joined Greenstream in 2011. How’s it gone so far?

It's going well at Greenstream. I have worked here for a long time and keep learning more about flooring and developing my people skills.

3. What’s the team like to work with?

I live alone so meeting the team and coming to work every day means a lot. Everybody is great to work with and asks how your weekend has been and remembers your birthday.

4. How do you like dealing with the general public?

I am confident meeting people and interacting with others, it can be fun.

5. What has been the most important lesson you have learnt so far?

Dealing with lots of different types of people from volunteers to customers and how to help others coming back to work after a long time away.

6. What is the best bit about your job?

Every day is! Just being part of this company.

7. How would you describe the office environment?

It’s a very busy workplace with lots going on. We might have carpet tiles arriving one day and then 20 boxes going out the next day.  Once a month we give away carpet tiles and that is completely different day.

8. Did you know that carpet could be recycled before you joined Greenstream; and how do you feel now about recycling?

No I didn’t. But now I am in the recycling zone, there are so many things that can be recycled and we should all try to do what we can.

9. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I will be here until I retire!

10. What’s been your proudest moment?

I really like being part of the Greenstream team and am really proud that I continue to work here. When I support other volunteers and see them go on to get a job that makes me proud.



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