Meet the team - Lloyd James, sales assistant

At Greenstream we are committed to supporting employability and providing work opportunities for local people by creating prospects through sustainable employment.

We are very proud of the work our team do and how they develop over time with us.  Over the next few months we will be asking members of our staff to answer a number of questions, and to give us their answers, in their own words, which will hopefully provide some insight into what it's like to work at Greenstream Flooring.

First up, is Lloyd James who joined in 2016:

1. Why did you choose to apply for a job with Greenstream?

I had just quit a telesales job which I didn’t enjoy. I wanted to learn something completely new and different to challenge myself and create a career.  

2. You joined Greenstream in 2016. How’s it gone so far?

Brilliant. I’ve learnt so much, not just about flooring but business and how different businesses work. I started with 0 qualifications and now have more than I thought I ever would.

3. What’s the team like to work with?

We are a small team but it’s like a small family. Everyone has their ups and downs, but I can talk to them about anything not just work.  

4. How do you like dealing with the general public?

I love it. I’ve always been quite confident talking to people and people take to me well.

5. What has been the most important lesson you have learnt so far?

Not to worry as much, everything has a solution.

6. What is the best bit about your job?

I talk and help people from all types of backgrounds,  it’s interesting speaking to different people.

7. How would you describe the office environment?

Busy but relaxed.

8. Did you know that carpet could be recycled before you joined Greenstream; and how do you feel now about recycling?

I didn’t. I thought it all gets thrown in a skip. I’m weirdly really in to recycling since working here.

9. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Millionaire hopefully! I will definitely own a home by then, maybe have a small business helping others.  

10. What’s been your proudest moment?

I can't pick just one. Getting a job I knew nothing about and sticking to it, passing my driving test, purchasing a car, passing all my exams, receiving a diploma, and helping people with difficulties in the work place.

I always remember we had a boy who worked here who wouldn’t speak, at the end of his time here he said thank you. I always tell that story to people.


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