“The Better Greener Project” launch - a work-based programme for RCT residents

Greenstream Flooring has secured funding through the WCVA Active Inclusion fund and the Welsh Government European Social Fund to support RCT residents who are over 25 and unemployed or economically inactive to learn about the green economy.

The Better Greener Project will provide participants with a supported circular/regenerative work-based programme that aims to increase their opportunity for volunteering, employment or further skills-learning and provide them with an understanding, interest and skills in the circular/regenerative economy.

The Active Inclusion Fund provides grants for projects in Wales that help disadvantaged people get back into employment. WCVA’s Active Inclusion Fund is an important way for voluntary organisations to tackle unemployment in the wake of Covid-19.  It aims to reduce economic inactivity in Wales and improve the employability of disadvantaged people.

Participants will learn about the green economy whilst gaining skills and experience in the sector over a three-week period in six 3-hour blocks.  The training will take place at the Greenstream Flooring offices and warehouses in Porth.  A travel subsidy is available along with healthy snacks.

Participants will receive:

  • Training and support from our Active Inclusion Trainer
  • Awareness of local green initiatives
  • Real work-experience in our reuse and recycling facility
  • Relevant certification/s of achievement
  • Free carpet, if required, for a maximum of two rooms.

Participants will need to be referred by a work coach. Please email bettergreener@gsflooring.org.uk for further information or call 01443 683123.

More details can be found in our leaflet.

For more information on the WCVA Active Inclusion Fund, please visit their website. There is also a list of all the approved beneficiaries, of which Greenstream Flooring is one.


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