Choose communities: #BuySocial Consumers, businesses and public bodies urged to support local social enterprises

We have joined the #BuySocial national campaign which runs from 15 – 17 October, which aims to raise awareness and get people spending their money with social enterprises. The Choose Communities: Buy Social Campaign is all about shining a spotlight on the impact social enterprises are having on communities both in the UK and around the world.

Social enterprises are businesses which trade for a social and/or environmental purpose, reinvesting the majority of their profits to support their mission. There are around 100,000 in the UK and each one is set up to take on some of the biggest issues we face from homelessness to the climate crisis.

They are businesses set up with the sole intention to support communities, both in geographic terms as well as groups of individuals with a shared identity or challenge. Many are an essential part of their local community, creating jobs and opportunities for people marginalised in the workforce or running services to support local people from community cafes and leisure centres to health and social care services.

Here at Greenstream, we not only help to reduce the carbon footprint by reusing otherwise unwanted carpet tiles, preventing them from going to landfill or other methods of disposal that damage the environment; but also provide local employment and much needed flooring to those in areas of high social deprivation.

The key message behind the campaign is that whoever you are, whether you’re a consumer, another business or a public body when you  ‘buy social’  and choose to spend your money with social enterprises you are choosing to support a different way of doing business – one which puts communities at its heart. The campaign is being organised by Social Enterprise UK, which are the membership body for social enterprises, and of which Greenstream is a valued member. It is being supported by the Co-op, one of the country’s best-known social enterprises.

Commenting on the campaign Ellen Petts, founder and managing director said, “Helping and supporting others is at the heart of what we do, as well as looking after the circular economy by working closely with suppliers to divert carpets from landfill to be used again for a useful purpose. There are so many residents who enter social housing without flooring, it is a disgrace that perfectly good carpets end up in landfill.

“This is why campaigns such as this are vital to encourage everyone to think about what they purchase and the life cycle of its use.”


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