Celebrating Social Leaders Cymru

Social Leaders Cymru is an online leadership and management training for people of various levels and experiences in the social sector in Wales. Clore Social in partnership with Wales Co-operative Centre have brought Social Leaders programme to Wales for the first time.

On 13th October, Sian Lloyd, broadcaster and presenter was joined by Mark Drakeford, First Minister of Wales and a panel of social leaders. The panel explored the social change taking place and how we can all make a difference in our community.

Martin Little, finance director at Greenstream Flooring CIC, is one of the first cohort to join the Social Leaders Cymru Experience Leader programme.  This is seven-month online programme designed for experienced leaders in the social sector to enhance and refine their leadership and make a real and lasting impact within the sector.

After the celebration event, Martin said:

"It's great to accept the opportunity provided by Clore as it's such a well-respected programme and although I'm only on week 3, there has been so much to learn. There are two takeaways I'd like to share though.

First, is that although we all come from different and very diverse backgrounds and do differing things in the social sector, we have one thing in common. A strong desire to make a difference in what we do.

Second, is what sets us apart from other businesses. A social enterprise is a commercial enterprise with social impact."

We are looking forward to finding out more about Martin's journey on this programme and the other organisations taking part.

More information about Social Leaders Cymru and their upcoming programmes can be found on the Clore Social Leadership website. 


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